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Rack Loader (3D Model Download)


Note: This is a 3D model in STL format suitable for printing on your own equipment. No physical item will be shipped to you!

This is the virtual format of our popular microtube rack loader. The download includes both the loader and the side guard. We recommend printing the loader upside-down on the build plate with no raft for an extra-smooth surface.

The rack loader is a device designed to facilitate the loading of discrete pieces of material into a microtube rack.

To use:

  1. place a piece of paper, cardboard, or stiff plastic on top of your open microtubes.
  2. place the rack loader on top of the rack and your paper from step 1. The funnels should line up with the microtubes.
  3. pour your material onto the bed of the rack loader, using a brush to remove excess.
  4. without moving the rack loader, remove the paper from step 1. This will cause the contents of the funnels to drop neatly into your tubes.

If you have specific size requirements for your funnels, please contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

48 wells, 96 wells


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